Expanding our potential

Cuba Travel Network works together with suppliers, collaborators and commercial partners with the common objective of promoting the destination and offering our clients a guarantee: Experience Cuba in the best possible way.

We create products and technological solutions that eliminates barriers and promotes more trips for everyone, offering a personalized holiday product. Together with our partners, we have the opportunity to reinvent a hassle-free, inclusive and resilient travel industry.

We currently maintain a close working relationship with Tropipay; collaborating together to provide our clients with a safe, fast and easy-to-use method for online payment of services through our reservation process. In addition, it allows us to carry out the most common day-to-day financial operations.

What is Tropipay

Tropipay is an electronic wallet (e-Wallet) based on European financial regulation. A bank account that allows anyone to make financial transactions easily and safely. The money is backed by the European Central Bank, with all the guarantees that the euro offers against other devalued currencies.

It provides total control of the finances of the business, offering online payment and collection solutions to international clients and global markets. It has allowed us to adapt it to the needs of our business, making life easier for the work team and the clients.

For financial transactions with suppliers and partners we use the webapp directly. In our online booking process, in addition to the option to pay with funds from the Tropipay ewallet, the Visa and Mastercard options are also the result of the integration via API with Tropipay, helped by a highly professional support team.

ico-onboarding-1-100x100115 thousand users

ico-tarjetas-1-100x100100 million Euros processed

ico-mundi-1-100x100Presence in LATAM with a focus on South Florida and Cuba

ico-tutoriales-1-100x100Regulated by European Financial Authorities

With TropiPay you can:

  • Pay suppliers and workers through bank transfers.
  • Send and receive funds in various ways.
  • Charge your customers directly.
  • Make free transfers to other users of the system.
  • Integrate your business through API and have various collection and payment tools.
  • Market your products or services in a MarketPlace.