Car rental

we can arrange any type of car for you, within the limited supply of cars available in Cuba. Demand is larger than supply. Therefore, our advice is to book your car at least two months prior to your departure. Otherwise there might not be any cars available any more. We also recommend that you will settle your car hire one day prior to departure to your next destination. This way you are most likely to avoid long delays on the day of your departure due to all the bureaucratic paperwork.

Local transport

taxis generally have fixed, metered prices. Basic fare: CUC$1-2 plus an additional CUC$0.90 per kilometre. However, we do advise to agree on a price before you set off. Taxi drivers often do not have their meter on. In Havana you will find ‘Coco-taxis’ – three-wheeled vehicles – that can carry two to three people. A trip in one of these will be entertaining! Most cities will also have ‘bici-taxis’ – bike taxis. Our advice: please agree on a fare prior to a trip on any of these local, alternative means of transport! With regards to the local ‘peso’ buses, they are not very reliable. They either do not run or might be late. They are also often overcrowded, and really meant for locals.

National transport

There is a relatively reliable bus network to and from (big) cities. For example, Viazul’s interprovincial transport services. You can buy a ticket at a fixed CUC price, directly from the carrier.