In general, Cuba is a safe country to travel in. This doesn’t mean there is no small crime at all. In a developing country where there is poverty, it isn’t sensible to show off your valuables. Therefore, the advice is to not bring any (expensive) jewellery. When you travel by car, make sure to put luggage and other possessions out of sight, and always lock your car. In bigger cities you will find a car park with a car park attendant. They will look after your car for a small fee.

Please note:

  • Avoid badly-lit areas at night, especially in Centro Habana
  • Put your valuables and travel documents in a safety deposit box
  • Avoid remote places where there are no tourists or people
  • Never pick up a hitchhiker!

Health care

Cuba has an excellent health care system – renowned both nationally and internationally. Cuban doctors are often deployed during humanitarian aid operations all over the world. 95% of hotels in Cuba have a doctor or nurse on call, to give primary care to patients/guests. Cuba also has eight international clinics that can offer specialised treatments.