Voltage (power)

In Cuba the standard voltage is 110V/60Hz. However, most hotels do also have 220V. Sockets usually fit 2-prong, flat plugs, like they use in the US (type A). Still, hotels often have sockets that also fit 2(or 3)-prong round plugs (type C), like they use in Europe. We do recommend you bring a travel adapter with two flat prongs (type A). You can also buy a voltage transformer, but this is probably not necessary. Every item that works on 220V, will also work on 110V.

Phone & internet


You will be able to use your mobile phone in almost all tourist destinations (2G and sometimes 3G) in Cuba, depending on your network provider. Please keep an eye on the costs. These can quickly pile up.

Internet and WiFi

prepare yourself for a total digital detox! Access to the Internet is limited in Cuba, and if you do have a connection, it is usually very slow. Most large, more luxurious hotels do have WIFI hotspots. You can use these but they are paid for. The costs for using the Internet are relatively high in Cuba, approx. CUC$1-2 per hour. Most large hotels will also have a business centre where you will find computers with an Internet connection.


ETECSA has set up WIFI hotspots on almost every square and in almost every hotel. You can connect to the Internet with a WIFI scratch card. These cost approx. CUC$1 per hour. If you buy one of these cards at the reception of your hotel, they will cost approx. CUC$2-3. The Internet connection in Cuba is not secure. Therefore, we would advise you not to make any financial transactions online.

Tip: Download before you go to Cuba the offline maps app Maps.Me and open the app before you go to Cuba to download the actual maps of Cuba.