The weather in Cuba

Cuba has a warm and comfortable climate. This means you can visit Cuba throughout the year. This type of climate is called sub-tropical, with a dry and wet season. Instead of four seasons, there are two seasons: the dry (Winter) season, from November until April – with an average daytime temperature of between 21°C and 28°C (average night time temperature is between 18°C and 20°C). Summer is our wet season, from May until October – with an average daytime temperature of around 30°C. During the wet season it does not rain all day, but there might be a refreshing, tropical shower in the afternoon, and humidity will be high.

The hurricane-season is from June until November. If a hurricane is to hit Cuba, September and October are the most likely months, although it does not happen every year.



What clothes to bring to Cuba? Light, comfortable clothing, preferably made of natural fibres, like linen or cotton, are great to wear in a sub-tropical climate. But do bring some warm clothing too. To wear in the evening or when visiting the mountains, like the Sierra Maestra mountain range, near Santiago de Cuba.

Also, when you have booked an organised round trip, most coaches will have air-conditioning. So do bring a jumper or sweater. And an umbrella! Not just to protect you against a tropical rain shower, but also to protect you from the sun.

Even though there is no official dress code (unless stated locally), it might be wise to bring some suitable clothing for special occasions.