Pinares de Mayarí

The Gran Salto (Great Falls) del Guayabo stands out as one of the main attractions of National Park La Mensura. The park is located in the Pinares (Pinewoods) de Mayarí, a marvelous ecological landscape in a refreshing, lush microclimate. These factors combine to make this area the perfect destination for hiking, swimming, bird watching and horseback riding.

At 546 meters above sea level, the Salto del Guayabo is one of Cuba’s highest waterfalls. The cascade is actually a double waterfall, with trails leading to the summit. Dozens of orchid and fern species are found here, along with towering pine trees.

Over 140 bird species call the wetlands area of the Mayarí river delta home, including Cuba’s national bird, the tocororo .

The Los Exóticos farm breeds imported animals – including deer and Indian and African antelope, which graze peacefully on the farm’s many acres.

Interestingly, Mayarí also holds a special place in the heart of Cuban music lovers. Who hasn’t heard the song Chan Chan , a son composition by Cuban bandleader Compay Segundo with the refrain: De Alto Cedro voy para Marcané, Llego a Cueto voy para Mayarí? (From Alto Cedro I’m going to Marcané, when I get to Cueto, I’m heading for Mayarí). It’s an incredibly catchy tune: no wonder so many visitors walk away whistling this Cuban classic.

Pinares de Mayarí, Qualche ispirazione

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