Domestic Flights in Cuba

One of the fundamental elements of a satisfactory vacation experience is to have mobility within the destination. To make the most of your time, the ideal situation would be to take domestic flights; however, at present, that is not one of the Cuba's strong points. Due to a lack of aircraft, some routes depart with great delays or are canceled at the last minute, with passengers subsequently being sent by road.

If you decide to book a domestic flight, we recommend that:

  • You do not combine domestic flights with international flights in the same day because a change in the first flight can cause the traveler to lose their second reservation. The most advisable thing is to leave a day in between the reservations.
  • If you are in a place far from big cities, as is in the case with Baracoa, figure two days of leeway.
  • You tell us where you will be staying prior to your flight so that we may contact you as necessary if there are any modifications.
  • You carefully read our Terms and Conditions.

Cuba Travel Network makes other ways to travel to other destinations within the country available to you.  Although these means of moving about will take much more time, their service is currently more regular and has less setbacks than flying.

This is a product that provides the possibility to travel in an air-conditioned coach to and from hotels located in the country's major tourist destinations.

Its advantages are:

  • Staggered pickup hours.
  • Daily departures.
  • Multilingual tour guides.
  • No minimum number of passengers.


  • Viñales-Pinar del Río-Cienfuegos-Trinidad
  • Havana-Pinar del Río-Viñales
  • Havana-Varadero
  • Havana-Cienfuegos-Trinidad
  • Havana-Ciego de Ávila- Camaguey-Las Tunas-Holguín-Santiago de Cuba (includes lunch)

Provides regular transfer services. This product gives the traveler the possibility to travel in an air-conditioned coach to the country's major tourist destinations.


  • Havana-Viñales-Havana
  • Havana-Las Terrazas-Havana
  • Havana–Playa Girón-Havana
  • Havana-Cienfuegos–Havana
  • Havana–Santa Clara
  • Havana-Varadero-Havana
  • Havana-Trinidad-Havana
  • Havana-Holguin-Havana
  • Havana-Santiago de Cuba-Havana
  • Viñales - Trinidad
  • Varadero-Trinidad-Varadero
  • Varadero-Santiago de Cuba-Varadero
  • Cienfuegos – Trinidad - Cienfuegos
  • Santa Clara – Trinidad
  • Trinidad-Santiago de Cuba-Trinidad
  • Trinidad –Varadero –Trinidad
  • Trinidad-Cayo Santa María-Trinidad
  • Santiago de Cuba-Baracoa-Santiago de Cuba
  • Santiago de Cuba - Trinidad

If you are interested in moving about through one of these services and you have already booked, or are going to book, other services with us, you can contact our sales agents via this form or via the telephone number listed in the page's top margin. 

It is possible to reach any corner on the island – you just have to look for the best option to make the most of your time and our Cuba experts are more than happy to help you with that.