International and domestic flights in Cuba

We offer intercontinental flights and flights within the Caribbean and Cuba itself. As it’s more than 1,000 kilometres across the island and Cuban roads aren’t always reliable, domestic flights are a great way to explore. Our domestic connections link major cities like Havana and Santiago to Cuba’s smaller cities and beach resorts. Explore information on Cuban airports and airlines or get up to speed on arrival and departure information.

Tips for flights to and in Cuba from our Cuba Travel Network Experts

  • Due to Cuban airlines 'relaxed' scheduling, we’d advise not booking a domestic and international flight on the same day.

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Shuttles in Cuba

If you’re traveling to Cuba for the first time and you don’t know the country well, a good option is to get a shuttle to your hotel. You can also get a shuttle back to the airport for your flight home using this service.


Arrival and Departure from Cuba

The process of getting to and from the island is complicated due to its many peculiarities, but we hope that the following tips will help you deal with any issues and that your trip will live up to your expectations.


Domestic flights in Cuba

To make the most of your time, the ideal situation would be to take domestic flights; however, at present, that is not one of the Cuba's strong points.