Cuba by Camper - a road trip

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Cuba on the Road is a program especially for motorhome travel. Cruise during the day through Cuba at your own pace, knowing always where to sleep. In your camper, at one of the 14 camping sites that have been selected and adapted for this purpose. You can fill up with water, charge your electricity. You can dispose of your waste and, albeit limited, stock up on provisions. 

As many of these campsite pitches are created on the grounds of perfect situated hotels, you also benefit from the services and amenities that they offer. Think of breakfast, the swimming pool, the gym, the restaurant, or the evening entertainment (sometimes for a fee). The parking attendant watches over your motorhome. 

Cuba on the Road is a new concept. Twenty ears ago, hardly any campers were seen on the Cuban roads. Only recently, facilities were optimized for this popular form of travel.
During the day you are the king of the road in your Italian camper. The evenings are safe and cozy, near a hotel, close to nature or authentic towns.
Cuba has set a wonderful new touristic proposal in motion. 

Below we have worked out a tour for you. It is just an example. Feel free, choose your campgrounds, your route and length of stay. (An overview of motorhome campgrounds can be found under 'What is included?')

Camper Model

  • We offer 2 types of campers, both structured on Fiat Ducato.

    Both models have sleeping facility for 4 adults + 1 additional bed, fit for children.
    The difference between the camper models 'Rimor' and 'Dynamic' is the interior lay-out, whereas both offering the same facilities. Both are brand new models, Made in Italy. 

  • The Fiat Ducato comes with Turbo diesel, automatic transmission, offering autonomy, comfort and safety. Toilet and shower (including towels), kitchen corner (including utensils), heating system for water, air conditioning, comfortable beds (including linen). Retractable awning to enjoy the outdoors during rest stops, foldable table and four chairs.

Vamos campereando! 

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Departure time
Starts in Havana and ends in Havana
Not applicable - this is a self-guided tour

Day 1: Arrival in Havana

Welcome to Havana airport. Transfer to your accommodation. You will stay in a Cuban homestay, a casa particular. Wander through this fascinating backdrop of monumental sights and enjoy this vibrant city. Hosanna Havana!

Accommodation: Casa particular, Havana


    • Havana
    • No meals included today

Habana Vieja, the old town, was founded in 1519 by the Spaniards. Today, more than 500 years later, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, colorful, lively, both traditional as hip, magical as realistic. Havana is a party. 

You find cathedrals, colonial palaces, inviting squares, and a maze of adorable alleyways. The compact, car-free center of Havana (UNESCO world heritage since 1982) is a sublime melting pot of culture, history and architecture. If you want to get to know the Habaneros, go to the Malecón, the boulevard, the seawall, the alternative to everyday live for many residents. From fishermen to lovers, from musicians to entire families, everyone comes here together. 

The compact, car-free center of Havana (UNESCO world heritage since 1982) is a sublime melting pot of culture, history and architecture.
From tomorrow you will navigate yourself. Today, a multilingual guide pilots you through the city. So does a professional driver, riding you in his brilliantly restored classic car. During a two-hour drive he shows you the highlights of Havana, meanwhile the guide describes them and answers your questions. This way you also become familiar with Cuban traffic behavior and roads.

After this stylish ride, walk through the old center, your guide will show you the way, talking about his/her city, the restorations and about what moves the residents.
A nice prelude to your adventure. Special transport, local inside knowledge. It won’t become any more urban than this, nevertheless it is as private as the coming camper tour.

When the sun slowly sets and the graceful streetlights illuminate the boulevard, chill on the Malecón.

  • Tasty and homemade meals can be relished in a paladar (private restaurant), plenty of choice. Your guide can give you tips or ask us.
  • Enjoy the warmish evening at Plaza Vieja. The beer brewery annex café "Factoría Plaza Vieja", offers a magnificent view of this impressive open square.
  • Looking for more motion? The cultural project 'Fábrica del Arte Cubano' (FAC), the Cuban art factory, could be your scene. Hip, hipper, hipster Cuba. Modern art and music merge harmoniously in this former food oil factory. You can combine it with a dinner in the adjacent private restaurant 'El Cocinero'.
  • You sleep in your casa. Breakfast the next morning is included.

    • Havana
    • Breakfast

  • The Cuba on the Road program starts with the pickup of the camper, waiting for you at Calle 5ta. A esquina 6, Miramar, La Habana, about 7 km from the city center. (Taxi costs are about USD 20).
  • You sign the rental contract and pay the deposit (USD 500), read more under Customise your trip/ more remarks.

Your road movie starts when continuing the 5th Avenue until you've reached the A4, 'Autopista Nacional', towards the west.
Havana's hectic charm will make place for the relaxed tranquility of the countryside. The road is straight, not crowded at all, so you can get used to your mobile home.

You can visit the town of Pinar del Rio, but most people opt to go immediately north, towards Viñales. A beautiful, winding road takes you to this lovely town.
Red soil, green nature and houses in cheerful colors paint your day.

Hotel La Ermita’s campground is the icing on the cake. Stunningly situated on one of the highest points of the valley, it offers a sensational view over Viñales and its surroundings.

  • Campground Viñales: Hotel La Ermita

    • Viñales
    • Meals included: breakfast
    • Hotel La Ermita, Viñales

Viñales is being pretty in its own valley. There are only a few streets, and the town is surrounded by Mogotes, karst stone mountain formations; soft rocks rising from the red soil. The best tobacco grows and is processed here, still in the traditional way. Pay attention to the typical design of farms and tobacco barns. UNESCO recognized the unique beauty of Viñales and added it, including the valley, to the World Heritage list in 1999.

Take a day off. Let your camper stay parked on the campground. For aprox. USD 5 you travel all day with the hop-on-hop-off bus. It stops at the door of La Ermita, and further everywhere you want on the route. In the town, at the zip line, at the cave with the underground river for a boat ride. Or at one of the nice restaurants. You can also rent bikes. Crossing the valley on a horse is popular as well.

  • Campground Viñales: Hotel La Ermita

    • Viñales
    • No meals included today
    • Hotel La Ermita, Viñales

You leave Viñales the same way you came, departing the valley and along the winding road towards Pinar del Rio. The A4 brings you to the (neighboring) biosphere reserve Sierra del Rosario, with Soroa - also called 'the rainbow of Cuba' - in its center. Rolling mountains, imposing trees and splashing waterfalls await you. The numerous birds sing to be spotted.

You camp near the waterfalls on the grounds of Hotel Villa Soroa. Sporting activities such as horseback riding, or a walk to the ruins of a nineteenth-century French coffee plantation can be booked in the lobby of the hotel.

  • Campground Soroa: Hotel Villa Soroa

    • Pinar del Río Province
    • Viñales
    • Soroa
    • No meals included today
    • Hotel Soroa, Soroa

Las Terrazas is the ecological sister of Soroa. You could go and visit this appealing town today. Las Terrazas is boundless for hikers, great for swimming and for zip-lining (canopy). Local famous artists open the doors of their studios. Las Terrazas has a few fine restaurants, including a vegetarian.
Within half an hour you will be back home in Soroa, not far from the waterfall.

  • Campground Soroa: Hotel Villa Soroa

    • Viñales
    • Soroa
    • No meals included today
    • Hotel Soroa, Soroa

It is about a 3-hours drive to Playa Larga. Again, taking the A4, until you reach the Autopista Nacional (A1).
At the height of Jagüey Grande you can refuel the camper with gasoline. A little further (at Finca Fiesta Campesina) you can refuel yourself with a coffee in the lovely garden.

Down south. Today, you cross the island exchanging the mountains for a completely different landscape at the south coast of Cuba; the peninsula and national park 'Ciénaga de Zapata'. Wetlands, marshes, mangroves, cenotes, untamed nature. A rich native flora and fauna. Fishing enthusiasts come here to fish, divers to dive. Cave divers can challenge themselves in the 70-meter-deep cave Cueva de los Peces, also a cenote. You can directly walk into the sea with your snorkel.
In addition to snorkeling equipment, you can also rent catamarans, pedal boats and kayaks.

• Campground Playa Larga: Hotel Playa Larga

    • Soroa
    • Bay of Pigs
    • No meals included today
    • Hotel Playa Larga, Bay of Pigs

You may find it interesting to visit the Museum in Playa Girón. It tells and illustrates a story of high voltage. How in 1961, during the Cold War, almost a third world war broke out at the beaches of the Bay of Pigs (Bahía de Cochinos).
There, at that bay, at Hotel Playa Larga, your camper is parked tonight. The hotel has a private beach, also accessible for you.

Feeling too languid to cook after a sunny day in and at the water? There are several paladares (private restaurants) in the village. The fish cannot be served any fresher.

• Campground Playa Larga: Hotel Playa Larga

    • Bay of Pigs
    • No meals included today
    • Hotel Playa Larga, Bay of Pigs

Along beautiful bays and coastal roads you approach after about 3 hours Trinidad, cozily embedded between the mountains of the Escambray and the Caribbean Sea. Here is your home for a day or two.

One would like to frame this town, Trinidad is too good to be true, very old (1514), but externally unchanged. So beautiful, you really have to see it yourself. And yes, Trinidad has instructive museums and a beautiful environment, but Trinidad also means music, dance and terraces. Trinidad swings.

In Trinidad you can choose. There are two campgrounds in and around the town. Or you can sleep at Hotel Las Cuevas, 500 meters from the city center. You can also choose for a beach campground. Maybe more fun for the children. In that case, we will reserve for the campsite next to Hotel Costa Sur on the peninsula Ancón. A taxi to Trinidad will cost you 15 minutes, and approx. 10USD.

• Campground (s) Trinidad: Hotel Las Cuevas, or Hotel Costa Sur

    • Trinidad
    • No meals included today
    • Hotel Las Cuevas, Trinidad

Exchange your motor home for a day for a Russian truck if you like and enter the Sierra del Escambray. The truck brings you up into the mountains. The hike, the spectacular descent is yours. 

Recently, Valle de los Ingenios has its own zipline. For those who have their campground at Hotel Las Cuevas... Trinidad has a lovely and inviting beach, Playa Ancón.

• Campground (s) Trinidad: Hotel las Cuevas, or Hotel Costa Sur

    • Trinidad
    • No meals included today
    • Hotel Las Cuevas, Trinidad

Santa Clara, the next destination, is only 121 kilometers (75 miles) north of Trinidad but still a a two to two and a half hour drive, as the route takes you partially through the mountains of Sierra de Escambray, lovely, but requiring a bit more of your steering skills.

The city of Santa Clara is inextricably linked with Ernesto 'Che' Guevara and the Cuban revolution. In December 1958, El Che led the attack on an armored train from the army of President Batista. The dictator saw his defeat and fled. The triumph of the revolution was a fact.

Santa Clara is not only a university city, but also a pilgrimage place for many Cubans. Visit together with them the museum and mausoleum of Ernesto Che Guevara (closed on Mondays). In this mausoleum, in 1997 and thirty years after his death in Bolivia, his remains (and those of 16 Cuban fellow fighters) were buried. Here, the flame never extinguishes!

Park your camper at Hotel Los Caneyes, a rustic (family) hotel. You can go horseback riding, or simply laze by the pool.

• Campground Santa Clara: Hotel Los Caneyes. 


    • Santa Clara
    • No meals included today
    • Hotel Los Caneyes, Santa Clara

If you liked Trinidad, then you might also find Remedios attractive. You could drive up there. The village is only 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Santa Clara. It is one of the oldest towns in Cuba, founded in the 16th century. Small, authentic and picturesque.

• Campground Santa Clara: Hotel Los Caneyes.

    • Santa Clara
    • No meals included today
    • Hotel La Granjita, Santa Clara

Today also a driving time of about 3 hours. Steer your campervan west to the Autopista Nacional (A1). At the junction, Jagüey Grande, take the provincial road northwards through the province of Matanzas in the direction of Varadero. Sugar cane plantations but also orange orchards along the road.

Your last campground for this trip will be in Varadero, this one is really cool.

In the popular beach destination Varadero, approximately every year 1.5 million international guests stay overnight in one of the luxury resorts on the 20km (12.4mi) long beach. But you and your motorhome will spend the night, where no one else can, in the beautifully landscaped city park Josone, created in the ‘30s of the last century.

From here you walk straight into the main street of the town of Varadero. The dream beach, with palm tree leaves parasols and sun beds (for rent), runs parallel to it.  

Park Josone is also a popular recreation spot for Cubans. Believe it or not, Cuban families also live in the prominent beach resort, where you can find a bakery as well, a vegetable market, a church, schools (even a boxing school), and numerous shops, terraces, and entertainment options. But there is only one city park, and there…you will overnight.  

  • Campground Varadero: Park Josone

    • Varadero
    • No meals included today

Back to Havana. It has been nice, very nice. Your last ride goes over the highway to Matanzas and onwards to the capital, passing the beautiful Yumurí valley, with impressive royal palms and along Cuba's north coast.

After about 2 hours you are back in the 5th Avenue in Havana, where it all started. You can drop-off your camper and take a taxi (not included) to your last overnight address in Havana.

  • Overnight Havana: Casa Particular, Havana

    • Varadero
    • Havana

Your breakfast is included. As well as a private transfer that will take you from your casa to Havana's international airport José Martí. The day is yours. To pack, to enjoy or to spend your last cash on souvenirs or drinking something on a terrace.

We wish you a safe trip back home and hopefully we will see you again.
Hasta Cuba siempre!

    • Havana
    • Breakfast

  • Three nights (2 at the beginning, 1 at the end of the camper trip) in a casa particular (a Cuban homestay) in Havana, including breakfast.
  • Arrival transfer (private) from Havana international airport to your overnight address in the city. Departure transfer (private) from your overnight address in Havana to José Martí International Airport.
  • Private City Tour Walk & Drive in a Classic Car in Havana (Day 2), with guide and driver. 
  • 12 Days motorhome rental, starting on day 3 of this program, ending on day 14. The campers are insured. 
  • 11 Nights/12 days parking at the selected campgrounds.

With the camper rental is the use of amenities of each parking area  included, such as:

  • Electricity Connection (1.2 KW / hour), potable and non-potable water supply, (maximum of 4 campers connected simultaneously
  • Security personnel or protected area for the custody of the vehicle
  • Access to public areas of each location such as beaches, swimming pools, gym, sports courts
  • Possibility of eliminating waste
  • Restaurants, cafés, bars (*)
  • Food and drink supply at the shops (*)
  • Maid service for cleaning (*)
  • Customer service (*)
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning service (*)
  • Accommodation (*)
  • Optional services offered by each installation (*)

    (*): These services have an additional cost, to be paid locally. Availability and prices vary per area.

There are 14 camping sites selected meeting the standards for a stay in camper. With the exception of Cayo Coco, they are located in Cuba’s west, central and central-south.

  1. Havana: Marina Hemingway
  2. Soroa: Hotel Villa Soroa
  3. Viñales: Hotel La Ermita
  4. Pinar del Rio (province): Vega de Tabaco Hoya de Mena
  5. Pinar del Rio (province): Hotel María La Gorda (international diving center)
  6. Jibacoa: Hotel Villa Trópico
  7. Varadero: Parque Josone
  8. Ciénaga de Zapata: Hotel Villa Playa Larga
  9. Cienfuegos (province): International diving center Guajimico
  10. Trinidad: Hotel Costa Sur
  11. Trinidad: Hotel Las Cuevas
  12. Sancti Spíritus (province) - Topes de Collantes: Villa Caburní
  13. Santa Clara: Hotel Villa Los Caneyes
  14. Cayo Coco: Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco 

You can adapt this travel program to your personal wishes. You can add or remove destinations, you can extend or shorten the trip. Do you want alternative accommodation, campground or route? Add activities or excursions? Do you want any other travel services? We are happy to help you. 

Contact us. With your specific wishes and our knowledge, together we create the perfect trip.

More remarks

  • This camper tour begins and ends in Havana. The camper can be dropped off at another destination if desired. There will be additional costs. Please contact us if you are interested.
  • The minimum number of passengers is 2 adults. One must be at least older than 25  years. The driver must have a valid driving license, and a minimum of 2 years driving experience.
  • For both models of motorhome, a maximum capacity of 4 adults and 1 child apply.
  • At pick up, a deposit of USD 500 must be paid. You better pay the deposit by credit card. Provided that the camper will be returned in the same condition at the end of the rental period, the credit card draft will be canceled. 
  • Fuel is at customer charge.