10-Days International Group Tour - Vivacious Cuba – Local, Personal and Authentic

    • Havana
    • Cienfuegos Province
    • Santa Clara
    • Trinidad
    • Viñales
    • Bay of Pigs
    • Avontuur
    • Cultuur
    • Historisch
    • Natuur

You leave home. You travel on together.

Cuba is magical and realistic. Everyday life can be tough, nevertheless, the people are cheerful and colorful. You will see it; you will meet them.

Local guides give you an insight into the magic of Cuba, the beauty of the landscape and the richness of its history.

Cuba shows its sunny side in the exuberant architecture of the cities and in the stirring music and dance in the towns of the countryside.

And, believe it or not, this Cuba, this open-air spectacle is also bordered by 24-carat golden beaches and a sea bluer than blue. Even the palms wave friendly.

 We are on the road together. You'll never walk alone.


  • Although the tour is complete it is certainly not exhausting. Sufficient free time has been planned to explore daily (and night) life.
  • No surcharge for a single room. Singles or couples ... Join the Group!
  • Viñales is a charming village surrounded by rugged mountains and vast tobacco fields.
  • The beaches you once loved will fade, the sea seems to be colored here.
  • Learn to mix your own cocktails and bring a toast on the result.
  • Enjoy the French-inspired architecture in elegant Cienfuegos.
  • Visit the final resting place of Che Guevara in his mausoleum in Santa Clara and learn about the Cuban revolution in the museum.
  • Rum and cigars; important export products for Cuba. How are they made? You will experience it in the rum museum and in a cigar factory.
  • Afro-Cuban religions and art are good neighbors in the alley Callejón de Hamel.
  • Honor who is due! Without the Cuban people, there wouldn’t be an authentic Cuba! The interaction with the population is a free addition to this trip.


  •  This is an international group tour. The number of participants varies between 2 and 15.
  • The tour is designed for people who want to combine freedom and flexibility with the companionship of a small group and a local multilingual guide.
  •  You will spend the night in Casas Particulares, family businesses. Casas are generally more luxurious compared to normal Cuban homes, although they can be more basic than what one is are used to. Power cuts can take place everywhere in Cuba, also in your Casa. Casa’s are all unique and authentic and you can't say that about many hotel rooms.
  •  Many primary costs are already included in this trip, such as transportation and accommodation with breakfast. However, you must take additional expenses into account of about 50 to 60 CUC (local currency) per day, covering the costs for meals, drinks, excursions and activities which are not included.
  •  The program may be subject to changes due to local conditions such as closures due to repair work, weather and road conditions, etc.
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Why book with us
  • Your trip, your way
  • Booked and organised in Cuba
  • Our local roots, we live in Cuba
  • 24/7 support by our local hosts

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Avontuur, Cultuur, Historisch, Natuur
Departure time
Every Sunday between 1 April and 31 December 2019.
Starts and ends in Havana - Every Sunday between 1 April and 31 December 2019.
Internationale group tour
Activity level
Light (walking and light hiking)

Day 1: Day 1. Havana

This sensuous capital is blistering. She is lively, musical and stunning.

 The beating heart of this sparkling city is undoubtedly the historic center (La Habana Vieja). This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a sublime attack on all your senses.

The beauty of age-old architecture from the colonial era and the Caribbean élan come together here. Folk theater in an unlikely decor.

 This first day has a practical character and will bring you from the airport to your Casa Particular, the Cuban variant of a B&B. It is often a room in a house, small-scale, cozy and privately run. Meet the hospitality of the Cuban.

 Will you arrive early? Just stroll around, best done on foot. In the description of day 8 you will find information about what you can do in Havana. You may meet your fellow travelers and plan a first dinner together. 


  • Accommodation: Standard Authentic Casa Particular/ B&B’s in Havana
  • Meals: No meals are included on this day


    • Havana
    • No meals included today

After breakfast, we will be on the way to Cienfuegos. A stopover is made in Playa Girón, known worldwide as the Bay of Pigs. In April 1961, in the Pigs Bay, an US-invasion took place here to overthrow the new government. How a small country resisted an attack by a superpower. You learn more about it at the Girón Museum.

The same Bay of Pigs is also a popular dive and snorkel spot. Cuba is also gorgeous underwater. You will have the possibility to experience the peaceful waters. Equipment can be locally rented.

Next, Cienfuegos. Often called the Paris of the Caribbean. The city was founded centuries later than other colonial Cuban towns. This explains the (neoclassical) architecture, influenced by French immigrants. Wide boulevards and extensive parks give the city a spatial character. You can see Cienfuegos’ glory during a guided city walk.

The Palacio del Valle is an architectural jewel that combines Moorish, Gothic and neoclassical styles. Enjoy it with a drink (included) in the palace.

The old fortress Castillo de Jagua is located at the entrance of the harbor and built centuries ago to withstand the pirate attacks.

  • Accommodation: Standard Authentic Casa Particular/ B&B’s in Cienfuegos
  • Meals: Breakfast is included. 

    • Havana
    • Bay of Pigs
    • Cienfuegos Province
    • Breakfast

Your host or hostess will prepare your breakfast before we will continue to travel.
Another special stop today on the way to Trinidad. Or rather, we will make a short detour, in order to not miss Santa Clara.

In Santa Clara you will visit the mausoleum of Che and the adjacent museum. Bring a posthumous greet to Cuba's most famous adopted hero. Ernesto Che Guevara, born in Argentina, the icon of the Cuban revolution.

Santa Clara is the location of the decisive and bloodiest battle during the fight for freedom.  During the last days of 1958, El Che and his rebels successfully derailed a military train, packed with ammunition, meant to eliminate Fidel Castro. The dictator, Batista, made a quick exit and fled the island. Cuba was finally libre!

In an attempt to continue the revolutionary struggle in Bolivia, Che Guevara found an early death in 1967.

Thirty years later, his remains were discovered in an unmarked grave, dug up and flown to Santa Clara. A ceremonial funeral followed. The mausoleum that you will visit today was built especially in his honor, a place full of pride for the Cubans.

In the museum you see wonderful things, crooked rifles and beautiful black-and-white images, once snapshots of guerrillas, now legendary images of the revolution's archive.

Time to continue to Trinidad, the unspoiled jewel of Colonial Cuba, surrounded by mountains, beach and the bluest the sea has to offer. Founded in 1514, the town flourished due to sugar production. When slavery was also banned in Cuba in the 19th century, the fortune shrunk, and Trinidad slept a long beauty sleep. Dusted and restored to colorful glory, Trinidad, 505 years old, undoubtedly Miss Cuba, is the most beautiful of all.

  • Accommodation: Standard Authentic Casa Particular/ B&B’s in Trinidad
  • Meals: Breakfast is included. 

    • Cienfuegos Province
    • Santa Clara
    • Trinidad
    • Breakfast

You will walk and dance through Trinidad. First a guided walking tour, later an informal salsa dance class. For the rest of the day, you are free to take in all that splendor.

Head into the mountains of the Escambray, chill on the ivory-white beach of Playa Ancón or enjoy the music in a cafe or on a terrace.

There is plenty to do in Trinidad. Below you will find some activities listed with a price indication, although subject to changes.
Being able to arrange it on the spot, you can better tune with your travel companions.

Optional activities

  • Salsa dance lesson: CUC 5+ for group and CUC 10+ for private Salsa dance lesson
  • Trek to Waterfall: CUC 25+ (dependent on group size)
  • Cayo Blanco Catamaran Trip: CUC 45+
  • Bus to Playa Ancón beach: CUC 2 per person (taxi CUC 8)
  • Moped rental: CUC 24
  • Snorkeling: CUC 15+
  • Scuba Diving: CUC 60+ for two dives and equipment
  • Steam Train ride through the Valley of the Sugar Mills: CUC 10+
  • Bike rental: CUC 5+
  • Live music venues: Varies
  • Musical instrument lesson: CUC 10+
  • Disco Ayala: CUC 5+


  • Accommodation: Standard Authentic Casa Particular/ B&B’s in Trinidad
  • Meals: Breakfast is included. 

    • Trinidad
    • Breakfast

Today as well a homemade breakfast will be placed on the table in your Casa Particular.
The departure is early because we will go to the West.

Long journeys can be tiring, but today traveling is a rest. Think of it as a road movie, a film that slides comfortably by. We will stop for coffee, a drink, a sandwich or to stretch your legs.

As the tobacco fields become more numerous, as the ground turns even more red, when the rugged mountain formations, the Mogotes, come into view, you are approaching Viñales.

The village of Viñales is actually an elongated street with charming houses that mostly serve as Casas Particulares. Tomorrow we will take you for a guided walk through this valley village.

When the setting sun colors the Mogotes, the villagers come out of their houses to play dominoes, to make music or dance.

  • Accommodation: Standard Authentic Casa Particular/ B&B’s in Viñales
  • Meals: Breakfast is included.


    • Trinidad
    • Viñales
    • Breakfast

The province of Pinar del Rio is the largest tobacco producer in the country. Tobacco is doing well on red soil.

After a thorough exploration of this fertile ground you will visit a tobacco farm and a drying barn.
Lunch will be served at an organic farm, delicious fresh products from the surrounding fields directly on your plate.

In Viñales there will be also some free time. Viñales is worth it. What you can do, you can find below. We give a price indication, which is subject to changes. Chat with your fellow travelers about what is fun to do.

When the sun slowly sets, the Mogotes will light up. Time to relax in one of the restaurants or on a rocking chair on the veranda of your casa.

Optional activities

  • Salsa dance lesson: CUC 5+ for groups and CUC 10+ for private lessons
  • San Tomás caving excursion: CUC 30+ (dependent on group size)
  • Bicycle rental: CUC 5+
  • Cooking class: CUC 30+
  • Cayo Jutías beach excursions: CUC 20+ (dependent on group size)
  • Viñales Valley hike: CUC 10+
  • Indian Cave Boat ride: CUC 5+
  • Relax at a hotel swimming pool
  • Live Music Venues
  • Prehistoric Wall (replica): CUC 3+
  • El Jardín de Caridad


  • Accommodation: Standard Authentic Casa Particular/ B&B’s in Viñales
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch are included. 

    • Viñales
    • Meals included: breakfast and lunch

It is not far, the way back to Havana.
The serenity of the Cuban provinces is giving way to the dynamism of the capital. But there is more beauty than the old center alone. We will show you some of Havana's districts, the green, cozy Vedado, the beautiful mansions of Miramar and the mighty Malecón.

The city tour is stylishly performed in one of those classic American cars that Cuba is known for.

A rooftop terrace in the old city is one of our favorite places. It is a hotspot for a refreshing attraction. Here you can learn how to mix a Mojito. A cocktail without alcohol is also possible.
You will end this full varied day festively. We will go for dinner, all of us including the guide.

Watch the city changing its colors at sunset, smell the aromas from the kitchen. Make it a happening.

  • Accommodation: Standard Authentic Casa Particular/ B&B’s in Havana
  • Meals: Breakfast and dinner are included. 

    • Havana
    • Viñales
    • Meals included: breakfast and dinner

Time to put on your walking shoes for a stroll through the old town of Havana. You will get to know her better, walking through her refined network of squares and alleyways. She is charming and photogenic. Her history will come to life with your guide leading you through her streets.

Another special street is Callejón de Hamel. A narrow alley has changed over the years into a shrine for Afro-Cuban culture. Inspired by the art of Salvador González, you will find buildings covered with brightly colored paintings, murals, sculptures and objects. Rituals, religions and rhythms, roots from an Afro-Cuban past.

We scheduled some free time to explore Havana your way. Below are some things listed which you could do. Indication prices are given, although subject to changes. Getting bored is impossible in a city that is a rollercoaster for your eyes.

Optional activities

  • Tourist Bus day pass: CUC 10
  • Taxi to Havana’s local beach – Playas del Este: CUC 30+
  • Tropicana show plus transfers: CUC 90+
  • Cabaret Parisién spectacle: CUC 35+
  • Buena Vista Social Club Show: CUC 30+
  • Museum entrances (Fine Arts, Revolution etc.): CUC 3+
  • Baseball game attendance: CUC 3+
  • Theatre, music, or ballet performance: CUC 15+
  • La Cabaña Fortress canon blast ceremony: CUC 10+
  • Hershey train ride: CUC 3+
  • Fusterlandia
  • Malecón
  • Finca Vigía (Hemingway’s residence): CUC 10+
  • Gran Teatro de la Habana Tour: CUC 5+
  • Boxing Gym: CUC 10+
  • Salsa Lesson: CUC 10+
  • Almacenes de San José: Arts and Crafts market
  • Farm to Table Cooking Experience: CUC 50+


  • Accommodation: Standard Authentic Casa Particular/ B&B’s in Havana
  • Meals: Breakfast is included. 

    • Havana
    • Breakfast

Have a hearty breakfast in your casa because you are going to the Havana Rum Museum, housed in a beautiful mansion in the old town. You learn about the history and cultural significance of this spirituous liquid. From sugarcane to molasse and from molasse to rum. And ... tasting is also possible.

You say Cuba, you say rum, you say cigars. You will visit the Partagás cigar factory, chic brand, beautiful building. Here you can see with how much dedication, care and skill these people practice their craft.

Earlier, you saw the tobacco growing, the farms, the drying barns. Today you see the final touch for a high-class cigar.

From sugarcane to rum, from tobacco to cigars and all within one single trip. (Also interesting for non-smokers)

  • Accommodation: Standard Authentic Casa Particular/ B&B’s in Havana
  • Meals: Breakfast is included. 

    • Havana
    • Breakfast

The last day. All time is yours. To pack your suitcases or take a last espresso at the coffee-roasting factory at Plaza Vieja.
Are you going to fly today? Safe trip home! If you will depart late, you still have half a day of Happy Havana in front of you.

Hasta Cuba Siempre!

  • Meals: Breakfast is included. 

    • Havana
    • Breakfast

  • Airport transfer on arrival.
  • Accommodation (en-suite facilities and air conditioning whenever possible) in Casas Particulares, the Cuban variant of a B&B.
  • Private car transport with air conditioning, including mineral water during longer car journeys (2+ hours).
  • Internet access card (2 hours).
  • A local, English speaking guide to show you the Cuba they love, and possibly you too.
  • Program according to description.
  • Meals according to description

Not included in the price 

  • Other activities, meals and drinks that are not included in the program.
  • Departure transfer to the airport.
  • Tips.

  • You can adapt partially this travel program to your personal wishes. You can extend your stay. Do you need accommodation? Add activities or excursions? Do you need any other travel services, such as a departure transfer? Would you like to do the same tour exclusively with family and friends? We are happy to help you.

Contact us. With your specific wishes and our knowledge, together we create the perfect trip.