Create your own individual Cuban adventure with our tailored tours

Booking a complete tour with us means creating an individual journey tailored exactly to your needs. Our website highlights some examples of tours to inspire you with different options when travelling in Cuba, but these are just ideas. Instead, using our expertise as Cuban travel specialists who live, work and were raised in the country, we can craft any trip you like – simply share your ideas with us and we can make it happen. We recognise that tours can sometimes feel restrictive, so we aim to be completely flexible, changing details and bookings before and during your trip (we are available 24/7 when you are in Cuba), whether you want the freedom of a self-guided tour where you drive your own car and determine your own pace, or you’d prefer to travel with someone who is both your driver and your guide. Though all our trips are individual, we can also arrange excursions, tours and experiences that allow you to meet up with like-minded travellers to share stories and special moments. These include our Cuba Crossover trip, a bicycle tour through Cuba in small groups, or our cruise options.

Experience Cuba like a local
To make sure we’re as adaptable as possible, we do not work with standard building blocks. These make holidays and tours standardised – and certainly not catered to individual needs. What that means is that by booking with us you can be safe in the knowledge that you will have an experience in Cuba completely unique to you – travelling to places tourists rarely venture and getting to know the country intimately, so you feel more like a local than a visitor. We can also arrange tickets to performances or make restaurant reservations on your behalf, and point out hidden gems and new places that you can visit during your time in our country. As well as the local expertise and complete flexibility we offer to help you create your dream Cuban adventure, booking an individu-al tour with us also comes with a range of other premium benefits, which we explain more fully in our benefits section, including things like transfers, a 1-hour WiFi access card and a range of other extras.

Why book with us
  • Your trip, your way
  • Booked and organised in Cuba
  • Our local roots, we live in Cuba
  • 24/7 support by our local hosts

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