Glass half empty or half full?

Life is all about expectations: seeing the glass as half empty or half full.  How things go can sometimes depend on how we interpret the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Vacations also pass through this filter of pragmatism, which allows us to enjoy new experiences, with all the challenges and surprises that come with them.

When you come to Cuba for vacation, you will find a diverse country with a healthy affinity for fun. There are many hotels, private rental houses, restaurants and bars... In each of these establishments there is a level of expected service and you can assess the service based on your point of view as the client.  However, it is wise that you manage your expectations because here you will encounter situations that you would hardly ever see in other countries.

You will have to deal with two separate currencies that are both in use in the country, you won’t be able to find most of the food you are used to, and the internet is poor quality and in limited locations… But think for a moment.  Are these things that are going to make your vacation miserable?  Not necessarily.  While these are situations that you’re not used to (or that maybe seem illogical), they don’t have to be a great annoyance.

To repeat ourselves, it is a question of optics: try to put yourself in the place of Cubans and think from their perspective.  Cuba is unique in many aspects, and this is why, among other things, it is a popular tourist destination.  Don’t let a glass-half-empty mindset ruin your vacation.