Viñales: The authentic Cuban rural life

Have you seen how tobacco takes shape? Making a cigar with a handful of dried leaves may seem easy ... until you try it for yourself. All the tradition behind a cigar is inherited from one generation to another and knowledge of this crop is of great value to the locals of Pinar del Río.

Viñales is the largest cave system on the island. Exploring the caves by boat and swimming in the cold waters is a real treat.

Enjoy the smell of freshly brewed Cuban coffee (Cubans take it strong and with a little sugar). This is the perfect place for you to slow down and give yourself the gift of discovering one of the most authentic and beautiful areas of Cuba.

Not to miss:

  • Among the most popular excursions is the Cueva del Indio, during which you can travel by boat through the two rivers that run through the cave.
  • In the San Miguel cave you will find numerous examples of rock art. In these depictions you can see representations of the lives of the first inhabitants of the island, the pre-Colombian aborigines.
  • Of course, you have to visit a tobacco farm: observe how the best cigars in the world are made, how carefully the tobacco is grown and how green the plantations look in the daylight.
  • Take a picture with a Palma Corcho: these trees have been around since the Jurassic period, making them one of the natural attractions of the area.
  • In a nearby town reside the popular “acuáticos,” people who believe in the traditional healing powers of water and have an interesting view on life. Traveling to visit this town is one of the tours you can choose to take.
  • Viñales is ideal for cycling because it has safe and relatively flat roads, so your biggest concern will be deciding where to stop for a nice, big mojito with lots of ice.
  • If you’re not a fan of biking, try one of the horseback excursions. Understanding one of these beautiful animals is the first step to understanding the rest of the valley.
  • Visit the amazing Mural of Prehistory, a gigantic painting of 120 meters long and 80 meters wide, exhibited on the mogote Pita hillside.


Getting there

Located in the westernmost province of Cuba, Pinar del Río, Viñales is a nature reserve reached via the National Highway. It is almost 200 kilometers from the center of Havana and 185 kilometers from the José Martí International Airport.



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