Moa is known around the world for nickel extraction but it’s less known for the richness of its soil, flora and fauna, and the beauty of its rivers and mountains.

This region is characterized by a long coastal strip backed by mountains: the Sagua – Baracoa mountain range extends towards the south of the island with peaks which reach more than 1000 meters in heigh. The range’s highest peak is Pico Toldo in the Cuchillas de Moa stretch which reaches some 1170 meters above sea level.

Moa is also rich in forest resources (there are several species of endemic pines here) and various ferns.

The mountainous area of this region of Cuba reaches some 363 km sq, and a large part of that elevated area is found in the Alexander Humboldt National Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The plain of Moa is bathed by more than 40 kilometers of Atlantic waters and the coastline is punctured by the bays of Moa, Cañete, Yaguasey and Yamanigüey.

The word Moa comes from the Taínos, one of the aboriginal peoples of Cuba. It means ‘Place of Water’.

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