Cayo Santa María: Where it’s always summer

This is a place blessed by nature, ideal for relaxation and leisure, and separated from civilization by about 50 kilometers of road, surrounded by salt water. Cayo Santa María is located in an area blessed by good weather, where it is summer year round. The small piece of land contains a collection of first class hotels, located on celestial beaches, and is very well connected with the airport, marina and a road that leads to the island.

Not to miss  

  • Water sports. You are very close to one of the largest coral reefs in the world, literally just a quick swim away. Ask the dive guides about the best diving spots and challenge yourself. You're on vacation; take advantage of your time in the Caribbean.
  • Take a break. Cayo Santa María has some of the best resorts in the country. Choosing where to stay will be simple, just decide what you want: a luxury hotel, a bungalow, beach, pool, spa.
  • Learn to dance salsa. Every night there are recreational activities in the hotels. Don’t be shy and mix it up with the Cubans who are there.
  • Visit Remedios, one of the most unique cities in Cuba. The carnivals or parrandas that take place here have transcended the passage of the time. Even Remedios natives that have moved elsewhere always return to watch the parades and the floats prepared by the locals throughout the year. If you’re just passing through, have a coffee near the plaza, and ask any remediano about the last carnival. They’ll be sure to tell you about what group they belong to, how to construct a firecracker… and maybe even invite you to another café.
  • Walk along the beach at sunset. It may sound a bit cliché, but when you do you’ll see the image of the ideal vacation, the one that made you choose Cayo Santa María as a destination in the first place. Don’t forget to take a selfie!
  • Visit the town La Estrella, a tourist attraction that resembles a Spanish colonial settlement. An electric train goes between the Cayo Santa María hotels and the Iberostar Ensenachos hotel, as well as running through the town.  La Estrella has restaurants, a nightclub, a spa, a beer and burger bar, a piano bar, an ice cream parlor, a bowling alley (with a bar and pool tables), shops, and a craft market.

How to get there            

A causeway of approximately 50 kilometers unites all the cays of Jardines del Rey with the provincial Villa Clara. The construction was done in harmony with the environment and has several bridges that allow the circulation of water. Just before starting out on this route, there is a toll where you can get gas. If you want to get there by boat, you can disembark at Gaviota Marina, Santa Maria Cayo. By air, Las Brujas Airport can connect you to your initial destination.

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