Cayo Saetía

Cayo Saetía is located on the northern coast of Holguin province, at the entrance to the Bay of Nipe, Cuba’s largest bay.

The islet was part of mainland Cuba until 1902-1903 when a canal was dug to facilitate shipping and trade – primarily citrus, but other merchandise as well.

Cayo Saetía is heavily wooded - 65% of its 42 square kilometers is covered with forests – and hosts a variety of endemic and imported plants and animals in its diverse ecosystems. Notably, this cay has an exotic animal reserve with white-tailed deer, a pair of giraffes, antelopes, zebras, water buffaloes and parrots. These animals wander freely, giving this destination a unique character.

The forests and grasslands form a special and spectacular landscape, highlighted by a vast number of trees and flowering plants including wild orchids. Meanwhile, mangroves provide evergreen vegetation in the southwestern coastal area. The cay has a total of 12 beaches, many bordered by rock cliffs.

Cayo Saetía also boasts the small guest hotel, Villa Cayo Saetía. Jeep safaris, snorkeling the coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, sunbathing, swimming, and horseback riding are just some of the activities on offer here.

A pleasant rustic restaurant overlooks the bay and beaches (sunbeds, pedal boats and kayaks can be rented). The island receives day trippers arriving by helicopter or catamaran from the nearby Guardalavaca resort.

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