Cayo Levisa: A place of peace

Cayo Levisa is considered a little bit of heaven on earth. Visitors to this beautiful small island come for the tranquillity and the clear waters that surround the shores. Taking a walk on the white sandy beach, followed by lunch with feet-in-the sand and perhaps a relaxing massage before you nestle in your hammock with a good book, is a perfect way to spend the day. If activity is on the list, snorkelling and diving are among the top options, as one of the best preserved coral reefs in Cuba is located in this protected area. The water sports centre offers all facilities.
There is just one hotel on the island, the Hotel Cayo Levisa, consisting of charming rooms that are scattered on and around the beach. Simply wonderful to see, smell and hear the sea from your room terrace. This in itself could be a reason to come and stay at Cayo Levisa, an unpretentious yet unique place, so different than the big beach resorts.

Cayo Levisa is located in Pinar del Rio province, known for its natural beauty with sites like the verdant Viñales Valley, the majestic mountains of the Sierra del Rosario and the splendour of the remote Guanahacabibes Peninsula. All of these are gems, worth visiting when you travel to this area.

Top Things to do

  • Diving. One of the best-preserved coral reefs in Cuba is located in this protected area. There are more than 500 species of fish, sponges and molluscs. Do bring your Dive Certification or logbook documenting your diver’s experience, as this is required when you want to go diving at Cayo Levisa.
  • Try the seafood. You’re on an island, what better occasion to try out new flavours. Seafood dishes are offered in the two restaurants of hotel Cayo Levisa.
  • Guided walks. There is a tour to watch the sunset and take pictures  while you hear the birds singing. This natural reserve is a resting spot for many migratory birds.
  • Have a massage near the beach. Feel the stress ebbing away and reach the zen state that we all look for when we are on vacation.

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