Cayo Largo

Although relatively small, Cayo Largo is blessed with an almost continuous stretch of gorgeous beach, notably along its southern coast. In our Cayo Largo travel guide you’ll find details of each of the six beaches ringing the island, all of which can sate your sun and sand craving: Playa Sirena, Playa Lindamar, Playa Blanca, Playa los Cocos, Playa Tortuga, and Playa Luna.

There is also an abundance of natural wildlife including iguanas and giant sea turtles (they lumber ashore most nights between July and September to bury their eggs deep in the sand). Staying here, however, is about as much a Cuban experience as lazing under a palm tree sipping a mojito.

Our Cayo Largo travel guide also covers a small group of islets which are close by, the best known of which is Cayo Iguana. Over 30km of protected coral reef around Cayo Largo provide good diving and the chance to see to see the rare and protected black coral in the wild.

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