Cayo Coco: The Tropical Eden

At any spot of the 22 kilometers of Cayo Coco beach you can plant your umbrella and throw your towel in the sand. And anywhere along this beach, you’ll feel like you’re in the paradise you’ve always dreamed about. In addition to the crystal-clear beach, there are artificial lakes and pools that can tempt even the most reluctant swimmers. El Cayo is considered one of the most significant tourist destinations in the country and has an extensive network of first-class hotels.

Not to miss 

  • Ecotourism. Although it’s a tourist area, all the facilities have been constructed with the ecosystem in mind. Flocks of birds such as the gray heron, pink flamingo and other waders are very common here. The cay owes its name to the White Ibis - popularly called the Coco Bird -, which is characterized by its bright colors.
  • Diving. Pomegranates, snappers, groupers, sharks and barracudas are some of the species that you can see and photograph while diving in these waters. A perfectly preserved 10-kilometer-long coral reef lies at a depth between 10 and 30 meters. It is unforgivable not to take pictures of these submerged landscapes. If you don’t have professional diving equipment you can rent it at the Coco Diving Center.
  • Las Coloradas, Jaula and Los Flamencos are considered the best beaches. However, exploring is part of a vacation in the cays.
  • Hotels in the area have restaurants specializing in seafood. If you can think of a fish native to this area and ask for it, they will prepare it for you but you will most likely be surprised with flavors you have never experienced before.

How to get there

Cayo Coco is the fourth largest island of the Cuban archipelago with an area of 370 square kilometers. You can access it via a 17 kilometer-long causeway that links it to the main island of Cuba through the province of Ciego de Ávila. This central province can be accessed via the Máximo Gómez Airport. Likewise, in Cayo Coco there is an airport with flights that connect you to other places within the country and outside of Cuba.

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