Cabo San Antonio

Cabo de San Antonio, in the most western part of Pinar del Rio, is recommended for a relaxing vacation; here you can completely disconnect from daily stress and pressures.

Located 345km from Havana, you can’t travel any farther west in Cuba than Cabo de San Antonio. The nearest landmass is the Yucatán Peninsula and Cancún, across the Gulf of Mexico.

The Guanahacabibes Peninsula, where Cabo de San Antonio is located, was inhabited in pre-colonial times by indigenous Guanatahabeyes, one of the last remaining natives during Spanish colonization. The Peninsula is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and still largely virgin; it’s home to various mammals such as deer and boar, as well as countless bird species.

Villa Cabo de San Antonio is the only hotel on the peninsula proper and a good choice for nature lovers looking for peace, quiet, and a remote beach. The main attraction here is the gorgeous, white sand beach, complemented by the hotel’s comfortable cottages; there is also a small restaurant and bar.

The Cabo de San Antonio marina - just 4 kilometers from the hotel – is an excellent setting off point for big game fishing. There is also a dive center here that organizes excursions to 27 dive sites. However, divers might do better to visit the nearby diving center at María la Gorda (in the same Biosphere Reserve), site of the annual underwater photography competition, ImaSub.

Other area attractions include Las Tumbas beach and the La Sorda cave. The Roncali Lighthouse, surrounded by the sea and lush tropical vegetation, marks Cuba’s westernmost point.

Cabo San Antonio, Some Inspiration

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