Most frequently asked questions about Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa is a small, paradisiacal island off the north coast of Pinar del Río province. It’s an excellent choice for divers and those looking for a beach getaway. Cayo Levisa is accessible by ferry only, that leaves from the town of Palma Rubia. How to get there and other questions you may have, are answered below.

Cayo Levisa practical side

  • Cayo Levisa is accessible by ferry only, that leaves from the town of Palma Rubia. Most travellers get to Palma Rubia by car, combining a visit to Cayo Levisa with the Viñales Valley.
  • The distance between Viñales and Palma Rubia is only 60 kilometres (approx. 40 miles). You should however count on 1½ hours – 1 hour 40 minutes for this ride, or even better, schedule 2 hours, as it is a beautiful, scenic drive. Take it easy, make pictures-stops and enjoy the rural Cuban landscape. Think of driving in Cuba as an important part of your vacation and take you time to enjoy the charming sights you spot on your way to new destinations.
  • From Palma Rubia to Havana (and v.v.): the road over the Costa Norte, via Bahia Honda, Cabañas, Mariel is another scenic route, and the road itself is ok, except the stretch between Palma Rubia and Las Pozas. The distance is approx. 150 kilometres (approx. 95 miles); count on 3½ hours driving time, minimally.
  • If you don’t (want to) drive yourself: taxis from Havana offer a transfer service from Havana to Palma Rubia (and v.v.). We can also organize a transfer for you. Prices on request
  • The parking lot at Palma Rubia is gated and there is a custodian. There are no official rates, but a tip of 1 CUC (equivalent to the USD) per day is customary.
  • There is a cafeteria, right at the parking lot, where you can have drinks and snacks, while you wait for the boat or your transfer.
  • A first check-in is done at the cafeteria, for the boat transfer.
  • There are 3 currently 3 x boat departures daily:
    • From Palma Rubia to Cayo Levisa: 10:00 hrs - 14:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs
    • From Cayo Levisa to Palma Rubia: 09:00 hrs - 12:30 hrs - 17:00 hrs
  • The boat transfer takes approx. 25 minutes
  • The fee for the boat transfer is covered when booking hotel Cayo Levisa accommodation
  • After a 25 minutes boat ride you arrive at Cayo Levisa. You are supposed to carry your own luggage to the reception area, less than a 5-minute walk from the dock, over a wooden walkway. Something like a luggage cart does exist, but not readily there at arrival.
  • Check-in time is usually 15:00 hrs.
  • Hotel Cayo Levisa offers different activities/excursions, mainly related to water sports. Examples and indication of prices (rates in CUC, equivalent to USD), payable locally:
    • Snorkelling equipment CUC 5
    • Kayak, per hour CUC 8
    • Water bikes,4 passengers, per hour CUC 8
    • Different guided walks CUC 10
    • Catamaran, 4 passengers, per hour CUC 20
    • Scuba-diving, 1-4 immersions CUC 50 (dive certification required)
    • Scuba-diving, 5-9 immersions CUC 45 (dive certification required)
    • Deep sea fishing, up until 4/6/8 hours CUC 55/45/40 per hour
  • The main beach at Cayo Levisa is at the north side: it stretches 4 kilometres (approx. 2,5 miles) from one end to the other. It is not possible to walk around the island on the beach.
  • At the south side is Playa Puntarenas beach, reachable by a walk through the mangroves. Puntarenas is a beautiful beach, you can see it when arriving to Cayo Levisa, but there are no facilities/service on Playa Puntarenas.