Experience Cuban life at a 'casa particular'

There’s no better way to get to know the real Cuba and the Cuban lifestyle than staying in a 'casa particular' (or private home in Spanish). Cuban bed & breakfasts where you are a guest in a family home, our 'casas de Cuba' are a special collection of selected places of international standards all across the island, ranging from intimate homes to mini-hotels. A stay in one offers a unique opportunity to discover just how our country’s people live – whether it’s while you’re eating a home cooked Cuban meal with your host family or talking the night away with them on a charming veranda beneath the stars. Staying with a local family, eating Cuban food, smoking cigars and learning about Cuba’s fascinating history, culture and lifestyle from its own people is a guaranteed highlight of any adventure on the island.

A home away from home in Cuba
Host families will always go out of their way to make you feel right at home, usually giving you the best room in the house and shopping for groceries to prepare delicious meals for you when you want them. Though the family will be happy to help and chat with you, you won’t be expected to spend all your time with them and you’ll be afforded as much privacy as you like. They’ll encourage you to go out and explore their country, often suggesting highlights for you to do and special things to see in the local area, giving you insider’s tips to help you really get to know the place you’re staying in. One of the best things about staying at a casa is the constant surprises it throws up – one day you might be eating a breakfast big enough to feed a family, on another you might get a special dish cooked to your liking, before being guided around town by one of your local hosts. And above all, staying in a casa gives you the insight and local knowledge to truly explore and understand each of Cuba’s incredible destinations – and life in the country - for yourself.

We offer casas in at the following destinations:

  • Casa Particular Viñales
  • Casa Particular Trinidad
  • Casa Particular Cienfuegos
  • Casa Particular Remedios
  • Casa Particular Havana
  • Casa Particular Santa Clara
  • Casa Particular Varadero
  • Casa Particular Peninsula de Zapata 
  • Casa Particular Playa Larga
  • Casa Particular Sancti Spiritus
  • Casa Particular Camaguey 
  • Casa Particular Santiago de Cuba
  • Casa Particular Baracoa

How to book a casa particular
We offer these casas particulares as part of our complete tours.

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