Why book with Cuba Travel Network?

Because we are no regular travel agency. With us you book directly in Cuba. No travel agents or tour operators between you – the traveller – and us – your local host. And this means no extra costs or limited knowledge about your destination. With us you buy locally, supporting the local economy.

Your trip, your way. Organised by us. Down to the last detail

With Cuba Travel Network, you book a trip where every detail has been taken care of by us. And this is incredibly convenient. We know that most people will visit at least 3 different destinations when travelling to Cuba. This means making decisions, concerning choice of destination, costs and availability. You will need transport. Will you be driving yourself? Or will you need a driver? Or would you prefer to use public transport? And what would you like to see? What are your interests?

Booking a great trip to Cuba will take hours of your valuable time. Because you will need to make a lot of decisions. Important decisions. When you do all of this yourself, the consequences of these decisions will travel with you, and your travel companions.

And this is exactly why we are here for you. We help you, to make the right decisions. And to save time and money. That’s our promise to you.

Choose us and together we will create an unforgettable journey!

Insider access

Nowadays travellers want to experience different and special things. Meet locals. And this is exactly what Cuba Travel Network can do for you. Thanks to our local roots. Every one of us has a special connection with Cuba. Either through birth, marriage or a partner. But also because we love to travel. However, most importantly, we love to share our passion for Cuba, as well as all our knowledge of this beautiful country.

100% assurance. Before and during your trip

We are a member of several certified travel associations. And our dedicated local hosts are there for you, 24/7 – wherever you are in Cuba. This means 100% assurance before and during your trip. No worries at all. Just an unforgettable trip.

Our local hosts

Our local hosts are especially trained to support our travellers. To offer hospitality and care. From the moment you first contact us until you leave Cuba. Our purpose is to ensure that your trip to Cuba will be worry-free.

We love to share the Cuban culture, with you

The most important reasons to visit Cuba are Cuba’s culture and history. We know this. And we have made this our mission: to share Cuban life, its history and culture. To introduce you to the stories, and the people behind the stories, that make our country so special. This is also why we support a range of cultural projects.