Our mission: to share Cuban life, its history and culture.

One of the most important reasons to visit Cuba is its culture and history. And that is our mission: to share Cuban life, its history and culture. To create an unforgettable experience for our travellers.

But we also understand that most Cubans cannot travel abroad to discover the world. This is why we like to bring the world a little closer to them, by supporting several cultural projects in Cuba. To introduce the Cuban community to cultures from all over the world. And vice versa.

We sponsor film, concerts, festivals and other initiatives that will benefit the Cuban people directly. Both in Cuba and elsewhere in the world – places like Amsterdam where Cuba Travel Network has an office. This way people can learn about the extraordinary Cuban art and culture. At the same time Cuban artists will get a chance to introduce their work abroad, and come into contact with other cultures too.

World Cinema Amsterdam

Cuba Travel Network sponsors the World Cinema Amsterdam festival. In August, Amsterdam transforms into a World Cinema stage. They will show the best, independent films from Africa, Asia, Latin-America and the Caribbean.

As a result of our contribution, a Cuban film maker can visit the film festival in Amsterdam, and share his talent with a large, international audience.

World Cinema Amsterdam

Cartografiezaal, Palacio del Segundo Cabo, Havana

We have also entered into a partnership with Cuban Cultural Ventures. This is an initiative where artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, tax specialists and art lovers come together to facilitate a cultural exchange between Cuba and other countries.

Our first project together is the launch of the Cartography Room in the Palacio del Segundo Cabo in Havana. The Palacio is the first interactive, digital museum in Cuba. In the Cartography Room visitors can look at Cuban maps from Dutch museums, via digital touch screens. They can also look at a video about the connection between a Dutch country estate and the Bay of Matanzas in Cuba, as well as a video about the history of Dutch cartography. Both videos are available in Spanish and English.

Semana de…

Especially for all Cubans who help show our travellers an unforgettable time in Cuba, we organise a week where we will thank all of those people in person, every year. We call this our ‘Semana de...’ – our Week of...

Semana del Perfume

Especially for all Cubans who help show our travellers an unforgettable time in Cuba, we organise a week where we will thank all of those people in person, every year. We call this our ‘Semana de...’ – our Week of...

Whether it is the doorman of the hotel, a local guide who organises amazing excursions or a barman who tells fantastic stories about Havana. We will thank them all during this week. With a special ‘Semana de...’-present. These will be hand-delivered by us personally.

Our ‘Semana de…’ has a different theme each year, and has become a well-known event in the Cuban tourism industry. There have been five ‘Semanas de...’ so far:

  • 2014 Semana de Cake. This was the very first ‘Semana de…’. Even though it wasn’t officially called this way yet. In 2014 we decided to thank everyone who had helped us that year, with a cake. But delivering all these cakes in person took us a whole week (una semana). This is how the idea of a ‘Semana de...’ came about. To surprise and thank everyone each year with a Cuba Travel Network gift.
  • 2015 Semana de Chocolate.  A delicious Cuba Travel Network chocolate brownie! Especially made for Cuba Travel Network by the Carolina Candy Shop in Havana.
  • 2016 Semana de Stroopwafel. (Dutch syrup waffles) As our founder, Eddie Lubbers, is Dutch, it was high time for a Dutch gift. Presented in a Cuban-made tin. To highlight the friendship between Holland and Cuba.
  • 2018 Semana de Perfume. EA perfume, especially created in Holland: ‘Pirouette’ for the ladies and ‘Jete’ for the men. A fragrant thank-you to all Cubans for their help again.

Letras CUBA

This is our ultimate present to Cuba. A symbol of everything that Cuba represents. Cuba’s playfulness, hospitality and ‘joie de vivre’. A symbol that would be easily recognisable for both Cubans and visitors. An interactive art object. To touch. To climb on. To take photos of. The art installation has been made by the Cuban industrial designer Luis Ramírez, and his artist friend, Alberto Lescay. You can find the installation in Santiago de Cuba – seen as Cuba’s capital of culture. The Letras CUBA were an enormous success from the moment the first letter was installed. Many tourists consider the installation as the starting point of their exploration of Santiago de Cuba.

Cuba letters door Cuba Travel Network

More about our other sponsorships below.


Leo Brouwer festivals – sponsors of the 2012-2015 editions

Leo Brouwer is one of the most famous and greatest musicians of Cuba. He is considered to be the best Cuban guitar player and composer. He also played a major role in the beginnings of a new generation of musicians in the sixties, called the ‘Nueva Trova’ movement. This movement started after the Cuban Revolution and has its roots in the traditional trova music, but differs from it as its content is political.

Leo Brouwer Festivals

Cuba Travel Network sponsored the Leo Brouwer festivals for Guitar and Chamber Music, and also the Festival Les Voix Humaines.

Coro Cantoro

This colourful Cuban-Dutch choir has also been sponsored several times by CTN, during their concerts in Holland. This choir, led by the Cuban, Jorge Martínez Galán, performs mainly Cuban songs that their conductor brought from his homeland. This way they contribute to the distribution of the Afro-Cuban and South-American singing culture. A culture where the joy of singing takes centre stage.

Coro Cantoro

AM-PM (América Por Su Música)

This is most likely one of the most influential group of music producers in Cuba at the moment. It started off as an annual mini-event. This event has now become a serious platform for music, including workshops, website, magazine and a network of journalists, producers and musicians. CTN sponsor the annual meeting of AM-PM.

America Por Su Musica

Havana World Music – sponsoring 2015-2017 edities

The Havana World Music festival is Cuba’s main music festival. At this festival Cuba’s most prominent musicians will present their new albums. It has grown from a tiny festival to the giant festival it is now.

Havana World Music Photo: Ana Lorena


Festival de Cine Pobre – sponsors of the 2016 edition

This film festival in Gibara has now become bigger and more popular than its older brother, the Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de la Habana. Founded by the legendary film maker, Humberto Solás – who chose this location because he had filmed several of his films here. Initially the focus of this festival was on productions with a small budget, but has now become the cultural party of the year in Cuba, even though its location is remote.

Festival de Cine Pobre

Havana Film Festival New York – sponsoring 2016 editie

Cuba Travel Network was the sponsor of the 2016 edition of this internationally renowned film festival.


Exposicion ‘La Gente de Cocodrilos’ – 2013

The young Cuban photographer, Kako Escalona, with his own style of documentary photography, is a great figurehead of the younger Cuban generation. He shows the small Cuban town of Cocodrilos, its inhabitants and their culture in a very Western way, at an exhibition sponsored by Cuba Travel Network.

Exposicion La Gente de Cocodrilos


The Cuba Opportunity Summit – sponsors of the 2015-2016 editions

The Cuba Opportunity Summit is a forum taking place, every year, at the Nasdaq Stock Market in New York. To discuss the opportunities, but also the challenges, of doing business in Cuba. Cuba Travel Network sponsored the forum both in 2015 and 2016. Eddie Lubbers, Cuba Travel Network’s founder, took part in the discussion panel about tourism in Cuba. The forum is organised by Knowledge@Wharton, the online research-and-business analysis magazine of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, together with the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania, and Momentum, a well-known event organiser.

Cuba Opportunity Summit 2016

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