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Be-Ba-Buluba, this is Cuba! (Havana & Viñales)

5 days

Havana, Vinales

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Hop to hip Havana; the cultural junction within the Caribbean region. Although Havana constantly swings and buzzes, it gently floats upon its history at the same time. In Cuba’s provinces however, you sense almost everywhere this quiet and peaceful pace. The individual jeep tour to the green and lovely Valley of Viñales on day 4 will reveal this.

The country, but above all the capital Havana, displays a medley of styles and cultures. Caribbean and African influences, colonial heritages from the Old Europe as well as American legacies mostly from the 50´s give the capital its own and unique ID. But that´s just the decor, the setting in which an authentic, educated, enterprising and highly creative Cuban nation carry their country.

It is true that Cuba does not give away what is left, Cuba shares what it has! With you!


Day 1. Touch-down and Settle-down in Havana

★ Arrival at Havana’s José Martí International airport.
★ Meet & Greet at the airport, transfer to your hotel.
★ Check-in Loft Habana.
★ (Afternoon and) evening at leisure.

Loft Habana is a private accommodation, with gorgeous duplex rooms and exclusively situated in the old town, facing the bay of Havana. The roof terrace (where breakfast will be served in the morning) offers an endless and spectacular view over the city.

If you fancy something to eat, go to 304 O´Reilly (the same name for both restaurant and address). In no time this private fusion restaurant ranked # 1 among the popular eateries of Havana. Also the right place for just a cocktail. Or settle down on the cast iron chairs placed on one of the many terraces located around the city-squares, order a beer, listen to the street musicians and let Havana pass you by.

(Meals: You can opt for lunch or dinner at leisure)

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We recommend:

Hotel Loft Habana  4  from US$128

Day 1. Touch-down and Settle-down in Havana

Day 2. Exploring Havana and Unique Art Projects

★ Private City Tour in Vintage Car
Enjoy a private city tour in a vintage car over the seafront boulevard Malecón. The promenade is vital for the Habaneros, and would it ever be closed, the very same day the people would lose their spirit. Whizzing over this stunning seaside road is doing justice to Havana.
The well maintained and polished nostalgic cars from a private company will move you stylish over Havana´s roads, boulevards and avenues, in old and in modern Havana, covering all important landmarks.

★ Fusterlandia
His full name is José Antonio Rodríguez Fuster, but the name Picasso would have suited him as well. "When I started to live here, it was a small, wooden house" Fuster recalls the beginning of his project. After having visited Europe (being impacted by the work of Gaudi in Barcelona and Brancusi in Romania), he returned to Cuba bursting of inspiration. Today - many years later - not only his own house and studio radiate this colorful Caribbean Gaudian mosaic style, simultaneously he also adorned the neighborhood. Not to be missed!

The vintage car and his chauffeur will be at your entire disposal for up to 8 hours (including a maximum of 62miles/100km), feel free to stop anywhere you like and as long as you want.

★ Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC).
Not long ago, in the leafy district of Vedado, new life was blown into an old cooking oil factory and the cultural project was baptized Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC). The Cuban musician X Alfonso launched the idea of establishing a Cuban Art Factory, in order to create a vivid exchange between the public and painters, theater artists, dancers, choreographers, musicians and other creators. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Institution of Music, until it will be self-financing.
You can enjoy dinner first in El Cocinero, the fancy, private restaurant next-door.

The ¨factory¨ opens Thursday to Sunday from 08.00pm until 03.00am and is located in Calle 26 between 11 and 13 in the district of Vedado. You can get there (and return) by taxi.

★ You can also opt for Havana´s most historic (and still contemporary) entertainment; the unmatched Cabaret Tropicana and the one and only ‘paradise under the stars.’ Expect Big Band, crooners, fabulous dancers, over the top costumes and more within an exotic setting. The grand show starts at 10pm.

(Meals: breakfast is included)

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We recommend:

Hotel Loft Habana  4  from US$128

Excursion Cabaret Tropicana

Excursion Private City Tour in Vintage Car - Morning Drive

Day 2. Exploring Havana and Unique Art Projects

Day. 3 Private Hemingway Tour - University of Havana - Café de los Artistas

★ Papa Hemingway
The renowned writer Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba on and off for 20 years. His house, "Finca Vigía", was where he wrote (among others) his novel "The Old Man and the Sea" (Pulitzer Prize in 1953). A year later he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature which he dedicated and gifted to the Cuban people, because he believed that they deserved the award.
Next stop is Cojímar (a fishing village), where Hemingway was inspired to write his famous novel.
Have a peek at room 511 in Hotel Ambos Mundos, he used to stay here in the 1930s. Breathe the atmosphere of those days in the restaurant-bars “Bodeguita del Medio” and “Floridita”, the first is famous for its superb Mojitos, the latter for its Daiquiris.

★ University of Havana
After the tour, you can ask the driver or guide to leave you at the University of Havana (or take a taxi, or walk). Climb its stairs (or socialize with the students while sitting on its steps). Behind a historic facade lies a beautiful courtyard surrounded by rich vegetation. Continuing on the literary theme, you can visit the university library.
In Havana history, architecture and culture can be found on nearly every street corner, the University is proof of this.

★ Café de los Artistas
If Hemingway still would be among us, you certainly would have run into the writer in this private bar-restaurant, when enjoying cocktails (and Italian, Cuban or International meals).
(Address: Calle Aguiar # 22 e/ Peña Pobre y Ave de Las Misiones, Habana Vieja)

(Meals: breakfast and lunch are included)

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We recommend:

Hotel Loft Habana  4  from US$128

Excursion Hemingway Tour (lunch in Cojímar)

Day. 3 Private Hemingway Tour - University of Havana - Café de los Artistas

Day 4. Green is the Valley of Viñales

★ Nature
If you want to get the most out of Cuba, within relatively short time, there are actually four directions you should follow on your personal travel compass. These ¨directions¨ are Cuba´s culture, history, its people and its nature. Cuba´s nature is scheduled for this fourth day.

★ Private jeep tour to Viñales Valley
When designating in 1999 Viñales National Park a World Heritage Site, for its unique natural splendor and its harmonic coexistence with traditional agricultural methods (such as tobacco), UNESCO knew what they were doing was right and well-deserved.
A private jeep with professional driver/guide will take you in approximately 2 hours from Havana to Viñales. Drive around in this peaceful valley, along tobacco plantations and agricultural fields, unfolding the glories of Viñales. Since it is an exclusive tour, you can add or remove program components, depending on your interest (except for lunch, which already has been arranged for you and for the driver/guide).

(Meals: breakfast and lunch are included)

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We recommend:

Hotel Loft Habana  4  from US$128

Excursion Private Jeep Tour to the Viñales Valley

Day 4. Green is the Valley of Viñales

Day 5. Homebound

★ Transfer
Depending on the departure time of your flight, a private taxi or minibus will pick you up, driving you to the airport of Havana.

(Meals: breakfast is included)

NOTE: The itinerary can be adjusted to your individual wishes and/or interest. Final price depends on travel dates, availability of the hotels, services and the individual’s specific wishes.

Be-Ba-Buluba, this is Cuba! has been compiled with the following services:
• Day 1-5: four nights in the Loft Habana, a superb private accommodation at the bay of Havana.
• Day 2: Private tour by vintage car (for up to 8 hours). Optional Cabaret Tropicana in the evening.
• Day 3: Private excursion Hemingway Tour.
• Day 4: Private jeep excursion to the Viñales Valley.
• Day 1 and 5: Private transfers between airport and hotel and vice versa.

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Day 5. Homebound
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