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Hotel La Rusa, Baracoa, Cuba

Malecón, Baracoa, Guantánamo, Baracoa, Cuba
Hotel La Rusa, Baracoa, Cuba

Destination: Baracoa
Hotel chain: Gaviota
Number of Rooms: 10
Meal Plan: Room & Breakfast
Check In Time: 4:00 PM
Check Out Time: 12:00 M

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from US$29
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Hotel Description

The Hotel La Rusa was named after a glamorous, and mysterious Russian woman known in the area as "La Rusa". The hotel is also classed as an historical monument for its history, and is located on Baracoa’s sea road, the Malecón.
The memory of La Rusa has been immortalized and is honored in this small, but welcoming and intimate hotel, which has become an integral part of Baracoa’s Malecón. This area is a wonderful coastal destination where pleasant breezes combine with panoramic views of the city, the sea and the distinctive Yunque (anvil-shaped mountain). The story of La Rusa, after whom the hotel is named, dates back to the early 20th century when Magdalena Menasses Rovenskaya emigrated with her father, a Tsarist military officer, and her diplomat husband, from Russia to Cuba with the Triumph of the October Revolution. They decided to explore Baracoa where a relative of theirs had a business which he later handed over to them so they could remain in the area. It’s said that Magadalen was a very cultured woman and that she loved music and dance. She won the hearts of the Baracoa people because she always came to the aid of the poorest. The important Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier was inspired by her when planning his novel The Consecration of Spring.

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Room & Rates

Standard Room

12 rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, satellite TV, and telephone.

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Hotel La Rusa Location
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