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Flights to Cienfuegos City, Cuba

Find great deals on flights to Cienfuegos City. Book online your flight to Cienfuegos City or get and instant online quotation. Flights to Cienfuegos City schedule and ticket information.

Flights to Cienfuegos City

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Non-stop flights will operate (as from October, 21 2016), with weekly departures from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) flying to Jaime Gonzalez International Airport of Cienfuegos (CFG).


Airports in Cienfuegos City

Cuba Airports – Cienfuegos - Jaime Gonzalez International Airport, Cienfuegos City, Cuba Cienfuegos - Jaime Gonzalez International

Situated at about 3 kilometers from the City of Cienfuegos, Jaime Gonzalez International Airport is the arrival (and departure) airport for the central south coast of Cuba.

Address: Cienfuegos City, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 432 451328

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