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Flights Holguin to Miami United States of America

Regular flight services depart daily from Frank Pais International Airport of Havana (HOG) to Miami International Airport (MIA).

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Holguin to Miami - Airlines operating this route
American Airlines - Flights Holguin Miami

Holguin Airports

Cuba Airports – Holguín - Frank Pais International Airport, Holguin, Cuba Holguín - Frank Pais International

International Airport for passengers to (or from) Holguin and nearby beach destinations, handling local and regional flights and international charters.

Address: Carretera Central, Vía Bayamo km 15, Holguín, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 24 468556 - 462512

Miami Airports

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Miami International Airport , also known as Wilcox Field, MIA, and Miami International, is the primary airport serving the South Florida area.

Address: Perimeter Rd & NW 20th St Miami, FL 33101

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