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Cuba Airports

Cuba’s broad network of airports will allow you to travel from one end of the island to the other easily and safely. Use this page to find information about Cuba airports located across the country, from Havana to Holguin. Locate Cuba’s main airports and smaller, local airports, such as Santa Clara airport and Cayo Coco airport, to save time and make your trip more practical.

Cuba Airports

Cuba Airports – Baracoa - Gustavo Rizo Airport, Baracoa, Cuba Baracoa - Gustavo Rizo

Baracoa's Gustavo Rizo Airport is a small airport serving mainly domestic flights.

Address: Baracoa, Guantánamo, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 21 42580 - 42216

Cuba Airports – Cayo Las Brujas Airport, Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba Cayo Las Brujas

Cayo Las Brujas Airport is an airport serving Cayo las Brujas, Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Santa Maria, part of Jardines del Rey in the Villa Clara Province, Cuba.

Address: Cayo Las Brujas, Villa Clara, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 42 300009

Cuba Airports – Bayamo - Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Airport, Bayamo, Cuba Bayamo - Carlos Manuel de Céspedes

Regional airport (domestic flights) serving the city of Bayamo in the province of Granma.

Address: Bayamo, Guama, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 23 423695 - 424501

Cuba Airports – Cayo Coco International Airport, Cayo Coco, Cuba Cayo Coco International

Cayo Coco International Airport is a relatively new airport that handles air traffic to and from the destinations Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo.

Address: Cayo Coco, Ciego de Avila, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 33 25303

Cuba Airports – Cienfuegos - Jaime Gonzalez International Airport, Cienfuegos City, Cuba Cienfuegos - Jaime Gonzalez International

Situated at about 3 kilometers from the City of Cienfuegos, Jaime Gonzalez International Airport is the arrival (and departure) airport for the central south coast of Cuba.

Address: Cienfuegos City, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 432 451328

Cuba Airports – Camaguey - Ignacio Agramonte International Airport, Camagüey, Cuba Camaguey - Ignacio Agramonte International

Located only at 8 km from Camaguey City, serving domestic and regional flights.

Address: Finlay KM 7 1/2, Camagüey, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 32 261010

Cuba Airports – Cayo Largo - Vilo Acuña International Airport, Cayo Largo, Cuba Cayo Largo - Vilo Acuña International

Cayo Largo boasts a modern airport, mainly for daily flights from and to Havana and Varadero.

Address: Cayo Largo, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 45 248141

Cuba Airports – Guantanamo - Mariana Grajales Airport, Guantanamo, Cuba Guantanamo - Mariana Grajales

Mariana Grajales is the name of Guantanamo´s national airport, situated at approximately 20 minutes from Guantamo´s historical center.

Address: Carretera Paraguay km 13, Guantánamo, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 21 355912

Cuba Airports – Nueva Gerona - Rafael Cabrera Mustelier Airport, Nueva Gerona, Cuba Nueva Gerona - Rafael Cabrera Mustelier

Rafael Cabrera Mustelier Airport is an airport serving Nueva Gerona, the capital city of the Isla de la Juventud, with mainly daily flights to and from Havana.

Address: Carretera Aeropuerto km. 5, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 46 322300 - 322690 - 322184

Cuba Airports – Havana - José Martí International Airport, Havana, Cuba Havana - José Martí International

Jose Marti International Airport serves the capital city of Cuba, Havana, with terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Address: Avenida Van Troy y Final, Rancho Boyeros, Havana City, Cuba

Telephone: Term. 3: (53) 7 2664133 - Term. 1: (53) 7 2751200

Cuba Airports – Holguín - Frank Pais International Airport, Holguin, Cuba Holguín - Frank Pais International

International Airport for passengers to (or from) Holguin and nearby beach destinations, handling local and regional flights and international charters.

Address: Carretera Central, Vía Bayamo km 15, Holguín, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 24 468556 - 462512

Cuba Airports – Moa - Orestes Acosta Airport, Moa, Cuba Moa - Orestes Acosta

Orestes Acosta Airport is a regional airport that serves the town of Moa in Cuba, mainly handling domestic flights to and from Havana.

Address: Moa Orestes Acosta Airport

Telephone: (53) 24 67678

Cuba Airports – Manzanillo - Sierra Maestra Airport, Manzanillo, Cuba Manzanillo - Sierra Maestra

Regional airport (mainly domestic flights from/ to Havana) serving the Manzanillo-Sierra Maestra area in the province of Granma.

Address: Aeropuerto Internacional Sierra Maestra, Granma, Cuba

Telephone: Tel:(53) 23 54984

Cuba Airports – Santiago de Cuba - Antonio Maceo International Airport, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Santiago de Cuba - Antonio Maceo International

Antonio Maceo Airport is the international airport of Santiago de Cuba, handling domestic, regional and international flights.

Address: Santiago Airport, Cuba, KM 2½ Carretera Del Morro, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 226 691014

Cuba Airports – Santa Clara - Abel Santamaria International Airport, Santa Clara, Cuba Santa Clara - Abel Santamaria International

Abel Santamaría Airport (SNU) is located near Santa Clara city and provides services for the development of tourism in this region, especially for the 3 Keys/Cayos: Las Brujas, Ensenachos and Santa Maria.

Address: Carretera Malezas km 11

Telephone: (53) 42 214402

Cuba Airports – Havana - Playa Baracoa Airport, Havana, Cuba Havana - Playa Baracoa

Playa Baracoa Airport serves domestic flights scheduled by the local airline Aerogaviota and is situated about 28 km west of Havana, in the village of Playa Baracoa, (Province Artemisa).

Address: Playa Baracoa, Havana, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 7 2098002

Cuba Airports – Varadero - Juan Gualberto Gomez International Airport, Varadero, Cuba Varadero - Juan Gualberto Gomez International

Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport is an international airport serving Varadero, Cuba, handling domestic and regional flights, as well as international charters.

Address: Aeropuerto Internacional Juan G. Gómez, Varadero, Matanzas. Cuba

Telephone: (53) 45 613016, 612133

Cuba Airports – Las Tunas - Hermanos Almejeiras Airport, Las Tunas, Cuba Las Tunas - Hermanos Almejeiras

Regional airport (domestic flights) serving Las Tunas area in the in the province of Las Tunas, handling flights to and from Havana.

Address: Las Tunas, Las Tunas, Cuba

Telephone: (53) 31 42-702

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