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Cuba Destinations

From cosmopolitan Havana, through eclectic Santiago to idyllic Baracoa, there’s something in Cuba for just about every type of traveler. Use this page to find the Cuba information you need and choose the destination which best suits your interests. Below you will find general Cuba info and facts about many places of interest around the island, from the palm-lined beaches of Varadero to the lush scenery of Isla de la Juventud.

Cuba Destinations

Havana, Cuba

Havana’s stark contrasts, its 1950’s retro feel, incredible fleet of classic cars and its fabulous architecture are just a few of its signature trademarks you won’t find anywhere else.

Havana Hotels |Flights to Havana |Car Rental Havana |Havana Excursions |Escorted Tours from Havana
Old Havana, Cuba

Old Havana
The heart and soul of Havana is the old town Habana Vieja, declared a Heritage of Mankind Site in 1982 by UNESCO. It was keen to preserve the beauty of its architecture and promote the historical importance of its role within the region.

Old Havana Hotels |Car Rental Old Havana
Miramar, Cuba

Further to the west this area is home to some of the most expensive hotels, restaurants in Havana and the majority of the country's foreign embassies.

Miramar Hotels |Car Rental Miramar
East Havana Beaches, Cuba

East Havana Beaches
The beaches east of Havana are known collectively as the "Playas del Este". A string of seven white sand beaches stretching some 50km, it takes only 20 minutes to reach them from downtown Havana.

East Havana Beaches Hotels |Car Rental East Havana Beaches
Centro Habana, Cuba

Centro Habana
Densely populated Central Havana is quintessential urban Cuba: the streets swirl with Habaneros shopping, hustling to work and chatting with neighbors, while kids play marbles and skip rope. This area also has hotels, bars and popular music venues such as the Casa de la Música.

Centro Habana Hotels |Car Rental Centro Habana
Jibacoa, Cuba

Jibacoa, nestled along a beautiful bay and backed by lush green hills, is located halfway between two major tourist destinations in Cuba: Varadero and Havana, the capital of the country. Jibacoa offers visitors an experience that is distinctly different from any other Cuban beach-resort destinations and is considered to be one of Cuba’s best-kept secrets.

Jibacoa Hotels |Car Rental Jibacoa
Cayo Largo, Cuba

Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo is blessed with an almost continuous stretch of pretty beach, notably along its south coast, there are six beaches all of which will be able to satisfy your sun and sand lust.

Cayo Largo Hotels |Flights to Cayo Largo
Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Cayo Santa Maria
Cayo Santa Maria lies at the western end of the Archipielago de Sabana-Camaguey, 25 km west of Cayo Guillermo. Enjoy Cayo Santa Maria 14km of sandy white beaches.

Cayo Santa Maria Hotels
Cayo Coco, Cuba

Cayo Coco
Cayo Coco is a paradisiacal place relevant for the balance and degree of preservation of the ecosystem it has attained, by protecting its virgin atmosphere isolated from modern world

Cayo Coco Hotels |Flights to Cayo Coco |Car Rental Cayo Coco
Holguin, Cuba

Holguin Province is Cuba´s fourth largest. The north coast has been a substantial amount of development over the last 10 to 15 years and the beaches of Playa Guardalavaca are now firmly established with foreign tour operators.

Holguin Hotels |Flights to Holguin |Car Rental Holguin
Holguin City, Cuba

Holguin City
This city, 760km/495 miles southeast of Havana. But if you pass through, look in on the main square for its Art-Deco theatre, art gallery, and eclectic display of historical exhibits inside the Museo Provincial. The fine Carlos de la Torre Natural History Museum, just south of the square on Calle Maceo, in another colonial mansion, has a large collection of indigenous snail shells in dazzling colours.

Holguin City Hotels |Car Rental Holguin City
Playa Pesquero, Cuba

Playa Pesquero
Pesquero Beach, in the northern coast of Holguin province, in what Columbus called "The most beautiful place human eyes had ever seen".

Playa Pesquero Hotels
Playa Yuraguanal, Cuba

Playa Yuraguanal
Stunning, natural beach in the resort area of Holguin. Located approximately one hour from Holguin Airport and about 15 minutes from the town of Guardalavaca.

Pinares de Mayari, Cuba

Pinares de Mayari
Those of you who enjoy the outdoors, will love Pinares de Mayari which terrain is ideal for mountain climbing, hiking and horseback trips.

Pinares de Mayari hotels
Gibara, Cuba

The city of Gibara is a port enclave, with the most significant colonial architecture in the Holguin province. Since 2002 Gibara is the permanent home of the Festival of Poor Cinema Humberto Solas.

Hoteles en Gibara
Cayo Saetia, Cuba

Cayo Saetia
This small but exotic island was blessed with a lush and evergreen nature; home to abundance of plants and animals, endemics and from overseas, which coexist in the diverse ecosystems of the island and that will be a real treasure for nature lovers.

Cayo Saetia Hotels
Villa Clara Province, Cuba

Villa Clara Province
Villa Clara has been regarded as one of the most strategically important areas of Cuba. There are some good beaches in the north and the capital of the province, Santa Clara.

Villa Clara Hotels |Car Rental Villa Clara Province
Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara
A buzzing provincial town, with a pleasant “Parque Central”, Santa Clara is most famous for its connection with Che Guevara, whose attack in December 1958 on a Batista troop train helped to persuade the former dictator that his days were numbered.

Santa Clara Hotels |Car Rental Santa Clara
Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Sancti Spiritus
Sancti Spiritus is the most central province of Cuba and its northern and southern coastlines are washed by the waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean respectively.

Sancti Spiritus Hotels |Car Rental Sancti Spiritus
Trinidad, Cuba

The best-preserved colonial city in Cuba, in the shadow of the Escambray mountains, Trinidad was not even linked by road to the rest of the country until the 1950s.

Trinidad Hotels |Car Rental Trinidad
Topes de Collantes, Cuba

Topes de Collantes
Topes de Collantes, near Trinidad and part of the Sierra del Escambray mountains, is a natural park featuring a great number of endemic species of both flora and fauna. Its unique and healthy climate is especially inviting for hiking tours. Popular sites within Topes de Collantes are the Salto de Caburní and El Nicho, a serie of beautiful waterfalls, the Cueva Martin Infierno one of Cuba´s most important caves and the Embalse Hanabanilla reservoir, a great spot to go fishing.

Topes de Collantes Hotels
Sorry, we have no picture for Sancti Spiritus City

Sancti Spiritus City
Sancti Spiritus City is the Capital of Sancti Spiritus Province, is the most central province of Cuba and its northern and southern coastlines are washed by the waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean respectively.

Sancti Spiritus City Hotels |Car Rental Sancti Spiritus City
Camaguey Province, Cuba

Camaguey Province
Cuba’s largest yet least populated province Camagüey, boasting more than 120 kilometers of mostly virgin beaches, holds a huge potential for tourism development. The capital of the province is the city of Camagüey, founded in 1514 by Diego Velazques under the name of Santa Maria del Puerto Principe. Camagüey is considered one of Cuba’s most beautiful cities.

Camaguey Province hotels |Car Rental Camaguey Province
Playa Santa Lucia, Cuba

Playa Santa Lucia
Located in Camagüey province, Santa Lucía is one of the longest coral beaches in Cuba. There are 35 scuba-diving sites, including areas with sunken ships dating from the 19th century.

Playa Santa Lucia Hotels |Car Rental Playa Santa Lucia
Camaguey City, Cuba

Camaguey City
The panorama of Camagüey is uniformly flat, broken up only by palm trees, whilst the soil, some of the most fertile in the land, makes it suitable for the growing of sugar cane.

Camaguey City Hotels |Flights to Camaguey City |Car Rental Camaguey City
Vinales, Cuba

It is famed for its mogotes, large limestone formations which date back to the Jurassic period, is one of the most beautiful spots in Cuba.

Viñales Hotels |Car Rental Vinales
Cayo Levisa, Cuba

Cayo Levisa
Three kilometers of excellent beaches and 23 diving sites turn Cayo Levisa into an excellent destination for diving enthusiasts, who can enjoy crystal-clear waters and one of the world's largest coral reefs.

Cayo Levisa Hotels
Maria La Gorda, Cuba

Maria La Gorda
Diving experts consider the seabed of María la Gorda, located in the Guanacahabibes Biosphere Reserve among the top ten dive locations in Latin America, due to its abundant marine life and extraordinarily beautiful corals.

Maria La Gorda hotels
Varadero, Cuba

Varadero, in the western Cuban province of Matanzas, is the beach par excellence in the archipelago, despite strong competition from islets in the Jardines del Rey tourist region.

Varadero Hotels |Flights to Varadero |Car Rental Varadero |Varadero Excursions |Escorted Tours from Varadero
Ciego de Avila Province, Cuba

Ciego de Avila Province
Ciego de Avila is the flattest province of Cuba, never rising more than 50m above sea level. The city, 460km east of Havana and 110km west of Camagüey, has developed as something of an historical halfway house.

Ciego de Avila Hotels |Car Rental Ciego de Avila Province
Granma Province, Cuba

Granma Province
Gramma Province in southeastern part of Cuba is the heartland of Cuban Independence. The region has shown strong support for rebel and opposition forces from the beginning of recorded Cuban history.
The northern part of the province is mainly grassland, bordering the provinces of Las Tunas and Holguin. Traveling south through the province, the terrain changes to rolling plains and foothills, and eventually becomes very mountainous. The province also has many natural attractions; these include the Desembarco del Granma (Landing of the Granma) National Park -which UNESCO has declared a part of world natural heritage because it contains important flora, fauna and geographic features -Turquino Peak, the highest elevation in the country (6476 feet, or 1974 meters, above sea level); and Marea del Portillo Beach, which has volcanic sand and a stunning backdrop of mountains.

Granma Hotels |Car Rental Granma Province
Guantanamo, Cuba

Guantanamo is a very mountainous region, with profound contrasts and the only place in Cuba where you can find semi-desert areas.
Guantánamo is the most Eastern of the Cuban provinces. Separated from Havana by a little more than 900 kilometer, this territory where is located Baracoa, the first of the Cuban Villas founded by Spaniards. Our Lady of Asuncion de Baracoa, was founded on 1512 by Advanced Don Diego Velazquez and it became the first capital of Cuba.

Guantánamo Hotels |Car Rental Guantanamo
Baracoa, Cuba

Baracoa is located on the northern coast of Guantanamo Province, over 620 miles (1000 km) east of Havana. You can get there by flying Gustavo Rizo Airport, which handles small and medium-sized planes, or by driving along the Moa-Baracoa highway or the La Farola viaduct, which links Baracoa with regions to the south. This last is an impressive feat of engineering that winds among mountains 1968 feet (600 m) above the sea level and has nine bridges that hang out over precipices.

Baracoa Hotels |Flights to Baracoa |Car Rental Baracoa
Sorry, we have no picture for Santiago de Cuba Province

Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba is hot, hilly and exhausting but at the same time seductively languid. Built on a sequence of hills overlooking a large bay with the Sierra Maestra in the background

Santiago de Cuba Hotels |Car Rental Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba City, Cuba

Santiago de Cuba City
Santiago de Cuba is hot, hilly and exhausting but at the same time seductively languid. Built on a sequence of hills overlooking a large bay with the Sierra Maestra in the background

Santiago de Cuba Hotels |Flights to Santiago de Cuba City |Car Rental Santiago de Cuba City |Santiago de Cuba City Excursions
Sorry, we have no picture for Isla de la Juventud

Isla de la Juventud
The Isle of Youth has been reborn as an island paradise, free of mass tourism and with natural resources underwater as well as above sea level. For a long time until the triumph of the revolution, one was sent here for punishment, today it is a reward to be here.

Isla de la Juventud |Flights to Isla de la Juventud

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